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Bad Burrito #6

The Bad Burrito and Friends find themselves wrapped up in some Weird Happenings that have taken root in the Frosted Forest just outside of Cereal City. 80s horror icons have somehow crept onto the scene and are looking for a bloody battle royal. Will the heroes defeat the growing horde? Stranger Things have happened.

Tracy Stoops, Matt Wilson

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 48


The Bad Burrito comics are a series of One Off comics that can be read in any order. They are a series of shorts or One Shots that follow the adventures of the Bad Burrito who was brought to life when lightning struck a microwave, fusing the Burrito with a spirit of vengeance he runs amuck with his friends in Cereal City. The Bad Burrito blends humor and 80s/90s nostalgia that we enjoyed as kids growing up.

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