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Luis M. Cruz

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 16

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Joshua Storm, one of New York”s finest and bravest not to mention youngest detective, is questioning a young beautiful woman whose name is Samantha Richardson. Ms. Richardson nearly became the victim of either robbery, rape or, maybe even homicide if it wasn”t prevented by a masked suspect who for all intents and purposes turned out to be the hero of the night. The victim claims that she was walking home from work, when suddenly she was taken into a poorly lit alley against her will by three men. The men, Bobby, Lenny and Garry, proceeded by taking the young lady deeper into the alley hoping to get money and perhaps lucky, but their scheme was foiled by the suspect who Ms. Richardson say”s his name was Blood-Kill. The three men were killed in the most peculiar way by the suspect in question, Lenny was practically frozen from his neck down and eventually died in route to the hospital from frostbite. Gary was burnt beyond recognition and Bobby was beheaded. Strange things have been known to happen in the Bronx, but this one has to be the strangest of them all, not because of the murders, but because Joshua Storm is Blood-Kill. But he wasn”t the one who came to Ms. Richardson”s aid, and if he didn”t do it, who did and why is he calling himself Blood-Kill?

Blood-Kill is an ancient spirit which was placed in the body of a dying Detective. However, the body of that spirit is revived and has been roaming the Earth for centuries searching to reunite with his spirit.


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