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Clink Vol 2

That One History About That One Time

Elliot and Gary return to save the day!… by having someone else do it! In this second volume: Travel to the snowy mountains to get eaten by snow golems; fight a demon in a haunted castle; figure out if your life is worth more than a sandwich; and get trapped in situations you never asked for only because your trusty companion can’t stop playing the hero.

Mario A. González, Raul B. Garduño, Jaime Cortes

Manga Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 114

“That One History About That One Time” collects the second year of the Fantasy/Humor webcomic Clink!

Clink is a comic book about the bravery that comes from stupidity. Follow the adventures of Elliot, a tiny knight who is the biggest hero of all time (or at least he likes to believe it), and Gary, his faithful and cynical talking horse, in a dislodged fantasy world with a complete sense of historical inaccuracy.

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