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Clink Vol 3

Doomed To Repeat It

Elliot and Gary are back to write history. Especially the parts that never happened. In this third volume: Learn why deer jump in front of cars; what it takes to be famous; the truth behind legends; and the importance of not getting trapped in what others think of you.

Mario A. Gonzalez, Raul B. Garduño

Manga Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 114

“Doomed to Repeat It” collects the third year of the Fantasy/Humor webcomic of Clink!

Clink is a comic book about the bravery that comes from stupidity. Follow the adventures of Elliot, a tiny knight who is the biggest hero of all time (or at least he likes to believe it), and Gary, his faithful and cynical talking horse, in a dislodged fantasy world with a complete sense of historical inaccuracy.

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