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Comic Shop Of Horrors # 1

Bantam Conner notices her friend Robin King’s been a bit flaky lately. Little does she know that Robin’s balancing her friendship and work with being a super exorcist defending her city. Shairi Little is mysteriously transported back to the past and comes face to face with her cynical younger self. Sunny and Ash Graves must defend some born monster hunters from their violent, homophobic father. All the while, there’s an Egyptian God war brewing in the background.

Jazz Florence

Magazine Type Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 40


Joshea Robin King, a shaman, and Bantam Conner, a genius mechanic, work at the Power Comics comic shop while moonlighting as the superheroes Soulflare and Sundance Kid. Joined by Robin’s half-ghost cousin, Phantomique, her dhampir girlfriend Sunny Graves and Sunny’s twin brother Ash Graves, they fight to protect the city of Scarecrow from the mystic forces of evil in this LGBT Supernatural Superhero Anthology.

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