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Core #1

A. Salao, Ashe Stafford, Ariel Guadalupe, Zeeyang Gou, Eva Darron

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 20

Veirden is a space pirate on the run from all the wrong people; Redd is a kid whose petty thievery led him to become an apprentice to a trash salvager. Now, the paths beaten before them by all of their bad decisions begin to intertwine in one big road to ruin.

Redd thought he was doomed to a life of sifting through junk until he discovers a damaged computer control module, or “core”, inside of a crashed spaceship–with it in hand, he sets out to make a name for himself in the dangerous world of underground robot fighting. When the ship”s captain, an infamous space pirate, pulls himself from the wreckage and realizes what”s been stolen from him, Redd will have to fight not only for glory but for survival.

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