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Corsairs BW

Corsairs is a story about a crew of space pirates from poverty-stricken colonies who are forced to steal for their very survival.

Daniel McNeal, F. Charles Goubile

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 124

After the Colony Wars, the universe was split into two halves: the lush Prime Worlds and the barren Fringe Colonies. The Prime Worlds are governed by the United Space Colonies, and protected by the United Colonies Armed Forces (UCAF). Citizens of the Fringe Worlds, stripped bare of their natural resources by colonial occupation, are left to fend for themselves. With little to none of the basic necessities needed to sustain life, Fringe Colonist turn to piracy. Fringe Pirate Crews rob freighters moving goods between the Prime Worlds, all while evading the UCAF. Many in the Prime Worlds view these pirates as bloodthirsty thieves, but to the citizens of the Fringe Colonies, these individuals are held as brave heroes and are given the title of CORSAIRS.


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