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Cyber Descent Vol. 1

Meshahraimanuel Yisrael

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 280

As of now Cyberman has spent about two months on planet Earth. From what he can gather they’re are more to humans than meets the eye. Having fought threemutates, fivecriminals, and witnessed one suicide Cyberman is baffled as to what he has experienced. Has he cast the best judgement, were his actions the best possible ones?! Cyberman concludes that he must continue further and acquire more data before reaching any subjective conclusion about humans, powerless or not.

The year is 2080 on the planet Earth. In the distant galaxy, close to the Milky Way bears the sister planet to the Earth, Gaea. On Gaea the current inhabitants are the most technologically developed species in the Fracton Galaxy. They are the Intec. The Intec were divided into two nations, the Haidens and the Ludens. The two nations had a disagreement over intergalactic technology distribution which led to a civil war. The civil war led to a near extinction of the Haidens who made the last effort to safeguard the remaining blueprints of the latest devices made so they won”t be replicated for distribution. A great one was the traiza craft that the Haidens built and used to transport themselves with the remaining blueprints into another plane of existence, the 5th dimension. This triumph was only ranked second to their last technological feet. A high ranking officer was to give birth to the first natural born cyborg, which was later sent back in the 3rd dimension to gather information from Earth, hoping that the inhabitants were in no threat of a potential Drake Equation scenario.



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