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Dangerdolls #4

Danger Dolls #4 again contains three stories but this time they are all linked together by the common theme of a “Fight Night at Uncle Ed”s Playpen.” In the first story Calliope Sacramento becomes US Angel to wrestle Nefertitties for the right to become the newest Danger Doll. In the second story Chickfighter wrestles The Jaybird while she and Kunoichi Kei try to catch some kidnappers. And in the third story the Danger Dolls meet their nemesis, the Dark Dominatrix!

Danger Dolls are intrepid heroines who appear on Danger Doll Satellite TV. Is the network exploiting the salacious adventures of these heroines for financial gain or providing a public service by promoting their good deeds? Their campy adventures frequently involve situations dangerous not only to life and limb but to costumes as well! This is a comic about heart, hope, humor… it’s just fun!

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