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Electrix #1

No one who knew homely Swiss Scientist Tesla Mayes would ever dream she would one day save the world by making a huge mistake on her latest nuclear propulsion experiment…

Suzye Marino

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

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The Universe is ever changing. New planets appear suddenly. Other planets are in danger of being hit by an asteroid. Earth has been spared from serious disaster, so far… but sometimes unexpected things happen … In the distant sky, a strange fiery cocoon-like object speeds across the Universe. No one on Earth is aware that it is from an unknown galaxy where the planet SUSAMORTA is in grave danger. Meanwhile, a nuclear engineer, Wyatt Stone, talks with his girlfriend, Amber Cole, a TV Reporter, in front of the Comanche Peak Nuclear Plant in Glen Rose, Texas. Amber is concerned about Tesla Mayes, a homely, chunky, Nuclear Scientist from Sweden with a genius IQ, who is going to assist Wyatt with his ground-breaking, pivot system experiment. Wyatt consoles Amber. “Babe, she is not much to look at. She”s freckle-faced, heavyset, and extremely homely.” Suddenly, Tesla swerves around the duo on her rare, Husqvarna Swedish motorcycle. She is wearing a German WWII military zipper jacket, pants, heavy military boots and helmet with a visor. Wyatt points at Tesla and shakes his head. “I told you she”s harmless.” Amber relaxes. “You”re right. She looks like an accident waiting to happen.” Later, inside the research laboratory, Tesla rolls out a huge, complicated blueprint on a long table. Wyatt gives it a once over and frowns. When he walks away, he accidentally bumps Tesla, as he studies her unusual blueprint. Then a small booklet falls from her jacket. He picks it up and notices a hand drawn picture on the cover of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden with a snake. She snatches it from his hand with a sneer. He backs away and says, “Look, all I want is a successful test on the manipulation of my Nano-Robotic DNA, bond-breaking, pivot system and nothing more.” Tesla swivels her head toward him and points her fore finger. “Wrong-O. There is also the Molecular Manipulation of Laser Beams, Acoustic Sound Waves, and…maybe I have finally perfected an Anti-Matter, Catalyzed, and Nuclear Propulsion for Human Beings. I must add it to our experiment. Wyatt fumes, “Look lady, I ain”t into no maybes. This guy ain”t doing some unknown experiment you just cooked up.” Tesla rapidly rolls up her enormous blueprint and makes an evil laugh, as she squinchs her nose. “And, I thought you Texans were macho. I plan to gaze at the heavens and fly to the moon to find the man of my dreams. What else?”

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