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Get Off Or Die Trying

Multipathologies Book 1

A sexy spin on classic Choose Your Own Adventure books, combining the traditional page-hopping choices of the genre with entertaining erotica.

Templeton Fate

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 212

You’re young, adventurous, and horny. And you have the day off. Outside your door, a world of possibility awaits; all you need to do is decide what –and who—you want to do. In your quest for love, you’ll traverse catacombs while fending off vampires, outwit a seductive spy aboard Air Force One, tangle with a lecherous ghost, and even travel to Hell and back. Make the wrong decision and you’ll end up in a casket. Choose wisely, however, and you might get laid and still make it home in time to feed your cat.

Eighteen unique sexual partners, numerous racy illustrations, and fifty endings are yours to explore as you turn the pages. Your fate, and who knows what else, is in your hands!

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