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Golgotha Vol 1 Redux

It’s been four years since the Rapture and Ashford has made a decent living as a private investigator in the subterranean realm of private investigation. Currently dealing with a missing child case that seems to have some affiliation with the turmoil of his past.

Carter Kellen Rouch

Manga Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 112

Contains the first four chapters of Golgotha Tenement Blues. 112 pages. Other than the passing of a close family member. Ashford Krouft”s life was on the road to a successful career in Homicide. Then the transfiguration happened. Follow our protagonists as they waltz through a dark reality, dealing with the everyday life of human beings(now transfigured) in a time of tribulation and forty some odd years of darkness. Trying to keep the flashlight on as they trek through a living hell on earth. Horror Noir and quality occult innuendo abound. Sam Spade meets Dante”s Inferno.

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