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Heist #1

Brendan McGinley, Andres Ponce, Rocio Zucchi, Josh Elder

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

Geist is contacted by a mysterious stranger, who hires him to break into the satellite headquarters of Pax Americana, the world’s most fearsome superhero team. Some villains are so good the heroes have no idea they exist. A thrill-addicted thief has the power to become a living ghost. Known only as Geist to the few who know him at all, he steals: Invisible. Intangible. Unstoppable. And bored out of his mind. Fortunately, he’s hired for the most challenging crime ever: steal an artifact known as The Halo from the headquarters of Pax Americana, the world’s premiere team of superheroes. Discovering The Halo’s true nature, he rises to the top of the criminal underworld. There, he’s betrayed and left powerless in the middle of nowhere. HEIST is the collaborative product of writer Brendan McGinley (Hannibal Goes to Rome, Dose and Invisible, Inc.) with Joshua Elder (Mail-Order Ninja, The Batman Strikes), artist Andres Ponce (Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles, Firebirds) and omni-talented colorist Rocio Zucchi (World of Warcraft) Bankshot Comics’ relentlessly amoral series starts with a bang and gets louder. What follows is a caper gone wrong that becomes an epic, riches-to-rags story of a horrible person’s rise to power and fall to grace. Crime pays, but there is more beyond.

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