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In Your Wildest Dreams #1

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Saga/Story: Unlikely story ” In your wildest dreams” The unlikely story series is about love and poking fun at Manga comics. This tail is about Poking fun at the strange tails of dorky boy getting a house full of women. Here we have a dorky boy with a kind heart. He finds the Genie bottle. His one and only wish is to free her. There is a catch to freeing a Genie. You become a wish master. Sounds good but you have no control over what you grant. You are all so immortal. You think no problem. What if the reason no one has ever known about wish master is that they all get caught up in some major problems. The creatures of legend like to ensure that they get all the wishes. Wars have come and gone some erased from the minds of man. This dorky boy is going to show them he is not so stupid or easy to capture and manipulate. Yet all he wants to really do is be with the one girl he really loves.

This how it all began. Wish that a genie was free. The wish has a curse. You can not grant wishes. Like Genies you have no control over what wish is granted. The Genie you let go made some wishes. Those wishes where made to help protect you form those with crewel hearts. You live on with immortality. Now come those who want wishes. What they wish for your not sure it worth granting. You trick them to reveal the truth or help you win the girl of your dreams.

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