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Karl Vincent: Vampire Hunter Dracula Rising #1


Karl is visited, in true noir style, by a mysterious lady in black who sends him on a wild goose chase in hunt of a vampire named Loew. But what he discovers is something more sinister as he blacks out and blood is drawn from his arm. Dracula’s daughter!

Kevin Given, Rodolfo Ezequiel, Mark Pennington

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

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“Karl Vincent is an alcoholic vampire Hunter with a weak bladder and self-esteem issues. He was once a highly respected and quite successful detective. Now, he is twice divorced and struggles to make the rent. No one believes him when he talks about hunting vampires. He is a laughing stalk and his oldest son won”t even talk to him anymore.” – Author Steve Hobbs (New Hope, Retreads)

Dracula Rising # 1 featuring an original cover painting by Mark Pennington (X-Men, Batman, Conan) this is a reimagining with Rodolfo Ezequiel art.

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