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Karl Vincent Vampire Hunter Dracula Rising Vol 1

Karl Vincent is a bumbling oaf of a vampire hunter. He wets his pants every time he sees one. However, he sacrifices everything in his effort to prove they exist, his job, his family and his self-esteem. His wife wants a divorce and his oldest son won’t even talk to him anymore when he announced to his class on career day that he was going to quit his job to hunt vampires. Karl is trying to rebuild his life and prove to the world that vampires do exist.

Kevin Given, Rodolfo Ezequiel, Mark Pennington

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 108

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Karl Vincent and his merry band of vampire hunters have to prevent the resurrection of Dracula and the vampires from gaining the four equality crystals before the equality equinox, If the vampires gain these crystals, then they will become all-powerful and be able to subjugate mankind to their will. Karl is visited, in true noir style, by a mysterious lady in black who sends him on a wild goose chase in hunt of a vampire named Loew. But what he discovers is something more sinister as he blacks out and blood is drawn from his arm. Dracula”s daughter! Karl”s former Partner, Trevor Jackson, winds up arguing with his niece as she tells him that she wants to quit the F.B.I. in order to hunt vampires with Karl, this creates tension between the two. Karl also sends Kate Bryant, whos been having nightmares about her father, to Aokigahara, Japan”s suicide forest, to retrieve an equality crystal before Dominica does. Dominica is trying to resurrect both Sebastian and Dracula meanwhile Karl sends Thor and Jayson Hell deep into the catacombs of Paris to gather up one of the equality crystals before the vampires can recover it. Dracula and Sebastian argue over resurrecting Sebastian”s daughter Marie or the African Prince Manualdi. Thor and Jayson Hell fly to Paris and try to obtain one of the Equality Crystals but Sebastian is waiting for them. Will our heroes arrive in time to thwart the vampire”s plans?


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