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Clan Of Saints Bay

Don Ellis Aguillo, Rafael Salazar

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 44

Birdie, a soft-spoken Nonprofit Director, spends her efforts fighting for her people and community. However, amidst these lively streets, a new threat has been brewing. An age-old, supernatural force has reawakened to reclaim the city and its people. Given new breath and with the ritual pieces almost set, a new order will soon rise and cast its shadow on the people of Saints Bay. Now thrust into the conflict, Birdie enters a new fight for the people and city she loves. Within the community, a group of special individuals will rise to stand at her side. As time slowly slips away, it''ll take all of them to come together and fight back.

In 2015, with a small grant from SOMA Community Action Grant, Kularts commissioned illustrator/concept designer Don Aguillo to create poster art and illustrator/designer Raf Salazar to create web comics. Aguillo and Salazar created 'Clan of Saints Bay' as part of Kularts latest exhibition Kwentóhan: Pinoy Stories in Pictures and Words, giving visual presence to the San Francisco Pilipino community and contextualizes the Pilipino American narrative through graphic illustrations. In particular, the 'Clan of Saints Bay' comic book was inspired by our everyday SoMa Pilipinas superheroes! It highlights Pilipino narratives & lessons we learn and exemplify as a community.

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