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Karmesi #3

Oliver Lee Arce, Francisco Arce, Marcos Porras, Ruben Dario, Victor Amezcua, Javier Valencia, Fabian Cobos, Gustavo Cosio,

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

The peace rallies and non violent protests have ended. Justice will fall by one”s hand. This time, a bullet will manifest itself more callously than 10,000 people marching. Waking up a conscious doesn”t always lead us to peaceful paths. Tired of impunity, corruption and the injustices that on many occasions he had been a part of. The hour of justice returns to he who one day swore to protect the weak and be just when punishing. The crime in Cd. Juárez will turn red. Red like blood. Red like Karmesi. To talk about Karmesi is to talk about a dream that has taken 10 years to mature. The creation of this anti–hero came from the fact that we didn”t want a character that flew or had super powers. On the contrary, we wanted to make him human, with emotions that screamed he was tired of living in fear, but before we continued our story we asked ourselves; what would happen if someone was fed up with crime and decides to make a real change, to take justice into their own hands? To that we added that the person in question was a member of the most notorious and corrupt corporations in Mexico, like the Police. The result was one of the most complicated and controversial stories that up to now have been written in Cd. Juárez. Through this story, 656 Comics raise its fists in protest of the violence and injustice that we are faced with everyday in our Cd. Juárez.

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