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Knightmare #5

While Jasmine and her Simian partner, Dante’ travel through the portals of time to recover escaped elementals, Queen Shania becomes aware of a plot to destroy the alliance between the human refugees and the folks of the mythic world’. Lord Draeconus reveals himself and hatches his plans of War! Jazz is sent on a secret mission to enlist the aide of a powerful ally. but the Fire Lord’s minions seek to thwart her efforts.

Preston Skylar Owens, Anias Gurle, Jean Poole, Art Werx

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

When Jackson Keyes was adopted and trained by a Japanese Ninja after the brutal death of his parents, little did he know that he would have created a legacy to be handed down to generations. The Legends of Knightmare grew, where the fourth is on the road of becoming the Sorceress Supreme and protector of the Realm. Meet Jasmine Ketes!

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