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Burrito Adventurer #2

Carlos Saldaña

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 28

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Burrito is a “little burro”. For all-ages comic book for guys and gals. No foul words, no nudity, and written in English. Our hero is a lovable, scrappy character and his misadventures through history, current events, other dimensions and the unknown future. Every issue is a complete stand-alone story. U.F.O. ABDUCTION: Our hero, Burrito, is snatched by the Guardians of the Universe. He is chosen because of his special skills the aliens do not possess. The Eternal Trompo, which keeps the universe balanced, is stolen. Burrito, with his special skills, sets out to rescue the Trompo. In the attempt, Burrito is sucked in to a black hole.

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