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Equalizers of the Divide #1

Sara Turner, Jerzy Drozd

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

Long ago, Eirenikos was a world of harmony. But then came the Great Divide, and Baron Noirtok. The Northern Territories were plunged into a dark age of magic and superstition. The Southern Lands became a place of science and learning. Noirtok and his warriors rule the North through tyranny and fear. When his ambitions turned South, he stole the Possibility Stones, legendary talismans of great power. Now, Becky and her Equalizers strive to reclaim the Possibility Stones and put an end to Noirtok's evil once and for all! Becky and the Equalizers find themselves in the city of Dithyrambos, once known for it's splendor and festivals, now nearly deserted and in ruins. They find a half-starved merchant named Bach, who informs them that Noirtok and his henchmen have been extorting the city for a flower that contains an electric charge. When the evil Agabale and Mandle show up it's a fight to protect the last citizens of Dithyrambos, and everything hinges on the heroes' weakest link–Abraham!

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