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Locus Year 1 Vol. 1

Collects the first three issues of Locus, which introduces Locus, her Uncle Spook, the mysterious Necromancer Willfred Hampstead, a pack of werewolves, and some very strange vampires.

Adam Black

Standard Sized Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 104

Locus is the story of a half-human, half-succubus girl, and her struggle against a man known to her as Hampstead and known to us as Rasputin.

A half-succubus, half-human girl with a cursed sword and a foul mouth. An invisible, inhuman killer she calls “Uncle Spook”. Werewolves. Vampires. Necromancers. Succubi. And more. So much more. Welcome to the world of Locus. Locus is full of Boobs, Blood and Bad Language.

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