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Natalia Hyde

Natalia Helps a lone man decide if he should take the lives of three men who wronged him, as she succumbs to her dark side as she talks the man into making a decision.The mysterious Monster hunter Jek interrogates a vampire learning what he feared the most, comes too late.

Jerre Winsborrow 

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

The hunt for the Jekyll & Hyde formula leads to the only living Descendant of the Notorious Mr.Hyde.His daughter Natalia Hyde.The race is on to find and/or kill her lead by Radu the brother of the legendary vampire Dracula.Amanda Van Helsing the daughter of the Vampire hunter,the Countess Dracula an army of Frankenstein Monsters a cadre of Witches Jek a monster hunter and of course lots of Warewolves. This globe spanning story has Natalia running for her life as she struggles to battle the dark side of herself or eventually embrace it

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1 review for Natalia Hyde

  1. vancecapleyart (verified owner)

    Street level monsters is what’s missing in comics right now. No Blade or Ghost Rider to fill the bill. But this HAS the street level monsters. This will be the next big thing in horror hero comics. Jerre Winsborrow delivers in story and art. He’s Bendix and Maleev all rolled into one!
    Needing more

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