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Not Dead

Most of us live our lives spinning too many plates: our jobs, our relationships and families, our dreams and aspirations; inundated with rules, pressures of petty etiquette, and illusions of material possession.

Mr. Dang

Manga Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 104

All too often, it takes something like a terminal diagnosis to break away from all the bull____. We find ourselves hopelessly reliant on infrastructure and systems set in place to warn and inform us: fear-mongering statistics, color-coded threats, and politically motivated official statements. Where does it all end? Perhaps what we should really wonder is ‘Would anyone tell us if it had begun?’. F___ ‘em. NOTxDEAD follows the experiences of a small group of friends and acquaintances as they struggle to decipher the deteriorating reality of a violent pandemic, as everything we take for granted is gradually taken away, and everything left becomes…tainted. A slice of life, maybe one of the last slices left.


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