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Pantheon Escape #2

Heavily armed security teams are tracking Michael throughout the night. With no plan other than getting far away from the Pantheon compound and, more importantly, Dr. Roberts, Michael must rely upon his unique abilities to have any hope of escape.

D K Gaston, Martin Carmona, Nikki Powers, Tomiwa Olu

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

The Pantheon Foundation is a multinational corporation that uses its influence to impact political and societal change worldwide, assuring its view of the future. For more than fifteen years, for no reason other than his unique abilities, Michael Quaid has spent his life in captivity under the scrutiny of the Pantheon Foundation. Michael’s ability, called ‘Dreamlife,’ can construct any images he observes into being. Dr. Gloria Roberts has tested and nurtured his gift over the years. Though the doctor suggested to Michael that she had his best interest at hand, he finally reached his breaking point after years of repeated lies. After Michael escapes, he finds himself in a place he neither knows nor understands, and to survive, he must use his extraordinary abilities to fend off those trying to capture him.

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