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Pantheon Escape #3

As the night wears on, Michael is chased by heavily armed guards, determined to capture him. His sole objective is to distance himself from the highly secure Pantheon compound and, above all, escape the clutches of Dr. Roberts, the mastermind behind the pursuit. With the odds stacked against him, Michael must fight tooth and nail to stay ahead of his pursuers or fall prey to Dr. Roberts’ sinister agenda.

Keith Gaston, Emax Emmanuel Olumide, Godstime Austine, Damilola Samuel Osisanya

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

Michael Quaid is a fifteen-year-old with extraordinary psychic abilities. Michael lacks understanding of his growing powers and the world outside the Pantheon Foundation facilities. The first season of the series follows Michael, the son of the lead researcher behind the fifth generation of genetically enhanced individuals. After escaping from the Foundation, he must navigate a world he doesn’t understand and use his powers to defend himself against those who seek to capture him.

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