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Steve Ditko In Outer Space

Steve Ditko is one of the most innovative creators in the history of comics and an expert fantasy storyteller. Some of his earliest work was for Charlton Comics’ The Thing and Outer Space titles. This would segue into a prolific contribution to Atlas Comics and early Marvel, where he co-created The Amazing Spider-Man and Dr. Strange. These stories are collected from Steve Ditko’s run on Charlon Comics’ OUTER SPACE series released in the late 1950s.

Steve Ditko

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 52

FIRST ON MERCURY The Vinson Expedition didn”t expect to find any life on the planet Mercury… but what was the cause of the planet”s ground quakes? From OUTER SPACE #18 August 1958. FOR AMUSEMENT ONLY All plant life on Earth is growing at an incredible rate, threatening to smother the planet under the gigantic vegetation! From OUTER SPACE #18 August 1958. ASSIGNMENT TREASON Major John Allard has his hands on the controls that will destroy Earth! Will his lover Elena kill him to thwart his plans? From OUTER SPACE #18 August 1958. REPAIR STOP An alien spaceship makes a pit stop over the Earth”s surface and their attempt to remain undiscovered by the natives brings unexpected results! From OUTER SPACE #18 August 1958. WHAT ARE THE FLYING SAUCERS? A space craft designed to capture asteroids gets quite the shocking surprise when it comes in contact with a strange object! From OUTER SPACE #19 October 1958. THE STRANGE ASTEROID The strange stories of the amazing flying discs and sky lights seen by people all over the world since before recorded history! From OUTER SPACE #19. TEN BILLION B.C. A giant planet”s people has reached a Utopic civilization, but the tranquility is to be shattered by a rebel who plans to use his powers for evil. From OUTER SPACE #19. THE GREATER JOVIANS World hunger may doom the residents of Jupiter. Can they find their salvation with a space ship to harvest Earth for sustenance? From OUTER SPACE #20 December 1958. MISFITS With their population destroyed by nuclear wars, an alien race creates a duplication machine to replace them… but what about the mutants they create? From OUTER SPACE #20 December 1958. FAR AWAY VOICES A deaf scientist is frustrated by hearing aids that don”t work, so creates a device that works… too well as he starts hearing other voices! From OUTER SPACE #20 December 1958.

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