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Perfume & Primer Caps Vol 1

Lucky Trinh & Peter N. Trinh

Manga Sized Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 124

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ATF (Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms) agent George Lexington is a down and out government worker who finds himself in a perfume shop just outside Philadelphia after being told by his boss, directing agent Walter Vintner to visit the quaint perfumery. While looking for a gift for his ex-girlfriend he meets the shop”s strange yet beautiful owners, Ayanna Katsuragi, Eliza Thornton and Blossom Mcallister. As George discovers there is more to the shop than what meets the eye, he”s attacked by a government hit squad. Things go from strange to stranger when George realizes that the hit squad was meant for the proprietors of the perfume shop, not him. Conspiracies, gunfights and fragrances are rampant in this action/comedy series that spans three volumes. Hold onto your eau de toilette as Perfume and Primer Caps comes barreling at you like a speeding bullet.

Perfume & Primer Caps is an adventure graphic novel series created by Lucky Trinh and Peter N. Trinh. Following a series of failed leads to track down some of the country’s most notorious arms dealers, Agent Lexington of Homeland Security hires the services of Annie, Lizzie and Boom Boom, members of Perfume and Primer Caps. Under the guise of three perfume shop owners, the women turn out to be some of the country’s most talented bounty hunters. As the trail gets hot, the adventure gets hotter when all four adventurers discover a conspiracy that may very well mean the end of the free world.


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