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Red Arrow Mystic Warrior Vol. 1

Larry N Young, Heidi L Young, Cristian E. Alaminos, Guillermo Freytes, Adrian Sants, Ian Sharman,Ron Fortier

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 120

Jeff Knight thought he was just working as a camp counselor in Maine for the summer, but his destiny has a different path. Jeff will have to face his purpose as Red Arrow and save his world from an evil force who wants to release an army of demons from hell. In the beginning, Earth was a dark, barren wasteland ruled by demons. No laws, no morals and no sanity until an ancient cosmic being returned to reclaim this world. The darkness and demons were sent to a separate dimension in order to save Earth. Every five hundred years, a key is produced that is able to weaken the walls between our dimension and the demons. A rare blood type that threating the chance of the darkness returning. Each generation there”s a chosen warrior with mystic abilities to guard against the forces of evil. The Native Americans call them “Red Arrow”

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