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Rise Of The Sky-Titans #1


A small band of monster hunters, a former US Army Ranger, a hitwoman, and a plucky girl who can turn into a werewolf with a mystical badge, try to stop a cannibalistic assassin hired by the mob from taking a powerful talisman, while a shadow organization documents their every move.

Raleigh Daniels, Riley Webber, Chis Arieswhenda, Tom Carter, Craig Shepard

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

After failing to bring down the man who murdered his mother in the court of law, an obsessive, struggling private detective, grieved by her death was suddenly murdered by a woman in black. When he was resurrected by the gift his mom gave him, he joins forces with an old flame, Stringy, a bubbly zany superheroine with the power to transform into a werewolf with a mystical talisman; Pappy, a former US Army Ranger; and Snow White, a former assassin of the Golden Dragon Organization to not only bring down his Mom’s murderer but to also put a stop to a powerful, billionaire mob boss, Bullet, from using these Badges to reawaken the dead for world domination.

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