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Roboman / Figure Brawl #1

Brendan Lee

Manga Type Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 32

This comic has three stories and a bonus feature! ROBOMAN: The Beginning— A sphere called the Globe of Peace is destroyed by a brutal villain named Dark Samurai and has freed evil robots called Rockloids. When Professor Sheek creates the hero Roboman, he summons the robot to stop the cruel Rockloids. The vain Rockloid DaRoach appears and invades the White House! Can Roboman save the President from DaRoach? ROBOMAN: The First Freezing Mission— An annoying Rockloid named Ice Penguin tries to conquer a beautiful country called Crystal Kingdom. While on his first mission, a Rockloid Hunter named Cutter Scorpion assists Roboman. Will Roboman and the Scorpion defeat the plans of the cruel penguin? FIGURE BRAWL— Figure Brawl is one of the world’s best battle games. 15 year old Ace has found out that Figure Brawl is also one of the most dangerous games! His brother Jack has become brainwashed by a mysterious person. Ace will do anything to he has to so he can defeat his brother and save his soul! BONUS Article on Figure Brawl, its rules, and dozens of Figure Brawlers, with their stats.

This exciting new manga comic book is by junior high cartoonist Brendan Lee and features two series. ROBOMAN is in one side of the comic and you flip it over to read the story of FIGURE BRAWL! ROBOMAN is a robot created to protect the Earth from the coming invasion of the evil Rockloids. FIGURE BRAWL concerns one of the best battle games ever conceived and the lives of the kids who fight in the competitions.


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