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Secret Society Origins #1

Bradley Mason Hamlin, Mort Todd

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 40

THE SECRET ORIGIN OF EDDIE CROSSBONES! How does one become an ambulatory impossibility like Eddie? Start over 100 years ago with a pirate, add a sea witch, and let his bones rot in the hot sun on the high seas. And Eddie had thought he’ seen it all until he met the Secret Society! THE SECRET ORIGIN OF LUCY HELL, DEVILGIRL! A pact with El Diabolico leads to a new Mistress of the Metaphysical Arts and creates one of the wildest and sexiest members of the Secret Society! ¡EL SECRETO DE EL SECRETO! Not all heroes are born on another planet or choose their career after a freak accident. Here is an adventurer born through life experience and inspiration, though a man with a… secret!

THE SECRET SOCIETY is a new superhero-secret agent team of ‘ crimefighters’ developed by creator and writer Bradley Mason Hamlin with artist Mort Todd. The Society’ members include a living skeleton, a devilgirl, a pig-man, a time-traveler who can’ control her powers, a man known as “the secret,” and other assorted unique individuals.

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