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Spiralmind vs The Afflicted: Wars Of Destiny


Zane faces an adversary beyond any he has ever seen.

Benito F. Perez, Matthew J. Rothblatt, Jacob Marmalejo 

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 40

On the day of his Bar Mitzvah, twelve-year-old Ben Landry is witness to his mother’s brutal exorcism. In a bizarre and strange ritual foreign to him, young Ben watches as his only living parent struggles to survive the demons that possess her and the exorcism at the hands of Rabbi Solomon Rotblatt and Father Tom O’Brien. Ben’s future is determined in this moment of horror. His youth has disappeared, and he is left under the care of his teacher, mentor, and friend Rabbi Rotblatt to guide him toward adulthood. Grown up, Ben Landry is caught between a normal life as an electrical engineer and the protector of humanity. Behind the enlightened guise of Spiralmind, Ben is able to manipulate Phi, the Golden Ratio. While Spiralmind comprehends his true purpose and power, the Occult throughout the city of Nineveh has revealed its malevolent plan for mankind.

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