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Spiralmind: Magmalantula

Ben Landry is called upon to use his electrical engineering acumen to save a test island from a volcanic eruption. When he arrives he learns that the tests that have been conducted have caused the volcano to erupt but it has also unleashed a giant powerful magma spewing tarantula – so Ben Landry must save the island, his co-workers, and the indigenous inhabitants.

Benito F Perez, Matthew J Rothblatt

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

SPIRALMIND it’s about a hero who has the power to create wormhole portals that allow him to travel to alternate space-time-domains. When Ben Landry was young, he witnessed his mother’s exorcism. With the help of his mentors and friends, Sol Rotblatt a rabbi, and Tom O’Brien a priest, young Ben Landry was forced to battle his mother’s tormentor. She was possessed by a powerful demon where she ultimately perished due to the ordeal. Ben Landry is grown now and has assumed an alter-ego called SPIRALMIND but the powerful demon has returned with an assembled cabal. The evil faction’s goal is to destroy SPIRALMND’s world one aspect at a time.

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