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Spiralmind: Compos Mentis


Spiralmind has been called to an island where humans are being subjected to dreadful tests intended to alter the DNA into monstrous creatures. Spiralmindhas not yet learned to master his powers but he can still be witness to the horrors.

Benito F Perez, Matthew J Rothblatt

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

Spiralmind is about a hero who has the power to create wormhole portals that allow him to travel to alternate space-time-domains. In this story, he finds himself on a strange island where DNA experimentation takes place – where APE-MEN (and women) and LIZARD-MEN (and women) battle it out to the death. SPIRALMIND discovers some of his abilities (and inabilities) when it comes to interacting with this strange land as he attempts to change the fate of these poor souls. SPIRALMIND BACKSTORY: When Ben Landry was young, he witnessed his mother’s exorcism. With the help of his mentors and friends, Sol Rotblatt a rabbi, and Tom O’Brien a priest, young Ben Landry, on the eve of his bar-mitzvah was forced to battle his mother’s tormentor. She was possessed by a powerful demon where she ultimately perished due to the ordeal. Ben Landry is grown now and has assumed an alter-ego called SPIRALMIND. Originating with the epic myth in the Book of Enoch, an evil cabal intends to return the earth to a habitable environment where the Nephilim may roam and do as they please. The mythology of the Book of Enoch states that the Nephilim were the half-breeds of angels and humans. They were massive with monstrous capabilities. SPIRALMND too, has abilities.



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