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Stargirl Vol. 1


Brandon Rhiness, Brittni Bromley, Przemyslaw Dedelis

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 56

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The space adventures of Lasha Trinity and her canine companion, Rover! Stargirl is a sci-fi adventure series from writer Brandon Rhiness and artists Brittni Bromley & PD Dedelis. The story is set in the future after the Earth is no longer habitable and the human race lives in a ring-shaped space station that orbits the Earth. Stargirl tells the story of Lasha Trinity and her dog, Rover, and the adventures they get into after the Earth ring-station is destroyed and the human race is plunged into a war with an alien race. Lasha Trinity is suffering her way through life. She hates her job and her parents are always fighting. She spends her time with her boyfriend, Kyle, and her friend/pet dog, Rover. Lasha has big plans for the future, but as tension builds between the Earth and an alien race, her plans may not go according to plan.



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