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Stinz #22

Donna Barr

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 36

“New Souls B” — includes “Many Happy Returns” and “Show me” and “Soup to Nuts.” Stinz is still out in the world with people he doesn’t know, who shock and horrify him. His son in law comes to try to rescue him. His other relatives are just trying to make a fast buck. Oh, where is all of this going to lead? And who the hell is that with the TEETH? “Donna Barr is one of the comic world’s most unique talents. She has constructed a fully realised fantasyscape to tell her stories and tells them through a style and voice that are definitely one-of-a-kind. Using an idealised Bavarian agricultural landscape as her starting point, Barr has been taking good-natured pot-shots at humanity with an affable centaur soldier-turned-farmer and his family, since 1986 when she adapted characters from her own book into the lead strip in Eclipse Comics’ fantasy anthology “The Dreamery.”The stories here, mostly printed from her postings on, occur in a universe that has expanded enormously from the simple life in the idyllic Geisel Valley. Stinz’s world has bloomed into a full blown tapestry of drama, politics, war and wild adventure, and the characters have aged accordingly.” “Now Read This!” Graphic Novel Review and Recommendations by Win Wiacek Stinz is the story of a centaur, although he’d prefer it if you called him a Half-horse. Stinz is a big blond stallion, black as night on the hair end, whose excellent animal instincts and fine human brain too often cancel each other out. In a series that follows his life from clumsy colt and accidental soldier to legendary war hero and mayor of his small home town, Stinz never fails to be in the middle of his world’s events. It’s not OUR world, but what difference does that make?

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