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Superliminal Latency

A pair of scared children lost in the woods. A deepspace city haunted by a space trucker with a heart of gold. A corporate web of cyberpunk overlords — Superliminal Latency is a debut horror and sci-fi short story collection that spans seven centuries across the Solar System.

Phoebe A. Xavier

Magazine Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 288

This eclectic barrage, composed over two decades, swerves through poignant detours with gut-punching torque. Discover a series of worlds populated by a talking walrus, the father of advanced Nanotech, a gruff and charming space pirate duo, a friend of the Devil, a nefarious hacker assassin, a Satanic porn producer, a dastardly Voodoo Queen, and many more! Whether you seek futuristic thrills or viscera-soaked terror, these seventeen tales have it all.

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