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Tether #3

Chuck Amadori, Edson Alves, Matheus Bronca

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

[learn_more caption=”What It’s About”]Imperium Part 3 of 6. Zarran makes a move that could put the other slaves in the mines at risk. Alina continues to be creeped out by Doctor Murrell, who steps up his testing on her. Trovaar hosts an orgy that doesn’t end well. TETHER tells the story of the last city on a once booming planet, now mostly barren. The city, known as the Imperium, is on an asteroid which is tethered to a mountain. It’s ruled by the disfigured Emperor Trovaar, who becomes increasingly unhinged as the story develops. Most of humankind has been reduced to living as secondary citizens, oftentimes slaves on the Imperium or in the mines beneath the mountain. The elite citizens are made of several casts of “Genetaclones” who at one point were created to help relieve the humans of menial tasks. ?Emperor Trovaar is obsessed with keeping in favor with the citizens. He hosts bloody gladiatorial games to keep the people entertained. Enter Alina, a human woman who is thrust into the Arena. To make things worse, Creepy Doctor Murrell becomes obsessed with her. ?Unbeknownst to the citizens, rations are dwindling. Trovaar is becoming desperate. Below Tether Mountain, Zarran, a slave in the mines keeps attempting to escape. His fellow slaves have recently begun sharing in his punishments. Upon the planet are vast wastelands home to various different warring clans. Alina and Zarran’s struggles and triumphs parallel one another as they each become a beacon of hope for the subjugated humans. ?TETHER is an insane blend of sci-fi, fantasy, hi-tech, Ancient Rome, action, sex, violence, hedonism and decadence.[/learn_more]

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