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Tether #4

Chuck Amadori, Edson Alves, Matheus Bronca

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

[learn_more caption=”What It’s About”]Imperium: Part 4 The hunt is on! Zarran and the other slaves from the mines make a run for it, even as a Grunt tracking squad closes in on them. Doctor Murrell uses his technology to experiment on Alina. The results of the experiment yields some interesting results. Trovaar meets with his Cerebral advisers.

Tether tells the story of the Imperium, the last city of a once booming planet, now mostly barren. Tether is a multi-layered story, rich with characters like Alina and Zarran, young slaves whose struggles and triumphs parallel one another. The opening arc of the series will cover Alina and Zarran’ escape from captivity, as well as introduce the power hungry Emperor Trovaar and some of the different types of Genetaclones. The look of Tether has elements of Ancient Rome mashed up with very advanced technology.[/learn_more]

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