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The Chosen #1

Tab Robinson, Anthony Brown

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 20

This series takes place in the not too distant future featuring 5 teenage children who are mentored by a mysterious and ageless man known only as Deacon Jones. He has given them flight jets that not only enable them to fly but produces an aura around them that protects them from bullets and explosives and most solid objects coming at them faster than 20 mph However lasers, heat, and cold are able to penetrate the shield. In the first five issues you are introduced to their main advisory a young man known as Smart Alec who has all sorts of amazing technology that he created at his disposal. Just beyond Y2K one and a half years later there was 9-11-01. Suddenly every one clamored for justice but they lived in a world where the strong took the weak. Now worst than 1984 they acquiesced to National I.D. cards and implants. Now their future is managed and their freedom is a joke. That is until the arrival of THE CHOSEN.



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