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The Elephant In The Living Room

Mrs. Spend-Now has all the new things, but she is miserable because of the high level of stress she lives with. Mrs. Spend-Then lives a simpler, happier life because she has no debt, pays cash for most things, and has money to spend, save, and invest!

Taylor Overbey

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

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This children’s storybook is about money, and how two very different people handle it. One, Mrs. Spend-Now has expensive clothes, expensive car, and a very big house. She is drowning in debt and lives with very high level of stress. This is the “elephant in the living room.” The other, Mrs. Spend-Then has no debt, but does have money to spend, save and invest. And Mrs. Spend-Then has peace of mind in contrast to the stress from debt that Mrs. Spend-Now is living with.


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