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The Experiment In College #1

College is a time to experiment. Journalism Major, Sociology Minor, Indiana Forrester just broke up with their girlfriend after finding out she’d mistaken them for a lesbian for years. Brokenhearted and questioning their sexuality and masculinity, Info sets off to do the greatest experiment to answer their questions of Who am I? and Who do I love?

Jazz Florence

Magazine Type Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 20


Honestly, Indiana Forrester! Why aren’t you a girl?! College student and photojournalist intern Indiana Forrester’s girlfriend of one year broke up with them upon learning she had mistaken them for butch lesbian. But, despite her rudeness, her parting words made Indiana wonder if they knew they were a guy or if they’d just never had reason to question their gender. Naturally, they decide the best way to find out their gender and sexuality is to put on a skirt and jump into the deep end of a dating pool. A pool conspicuously filled with college football stars, mafia hitmen, sleazy photographers and maybe one entire roller-derby team.

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