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The Sentinels #267

When uber-genius Jill Trent is kidnapped by an old enemy, it’s up to “The Planet’s Ultimate Super-Heroes”, the Sentinels, to save her. But does she even need their help?

Roy Johnson

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

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When uber-genius Jill Trent is kidnapped by an old enemy, it’s up to The Planet’s Ultimate Superheroes, the Sentinels, to save her. But does she even need their help? It’s good all-ages heroic adventure fun, featuring new heroes and villains, and  including a pin-up by Fred Hembeck!


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2 reviews for The Sentinels #267

  1. skorzeni (verified owner)

    This was a family-friendly comic book, appropriate for all ages in my opinion. I’ve read through the story once. The art is straightforward; clean-lined and colorful, which is according to my preference. The depictions are a bit cartoony for my tastes, but still decent enough. The story was run-of-the-mill. Not a lot of twists, not a lot of character development, but it was meant as a typical story you’d get in team-comic’s title run. For my tastes, the fighting could’ve been drawn out a little more so I could see how various character’s powers measured. Instead, what the issue provided were essentially splash panels of various fight scenes or a team of heroes versus a villain’s army. That is a trend in comic books that has put me off. The whole point of comic book art is depict action and sequence, but here it is just various shots. I will agree that the developments in the fight that were necessary to progress the story were there, but that was all there was. Pages of comics seem to get bigger and bigger pictures, shrinking the amount of story you get in a 23-page comic book significantly. Reading through old Superman or Captain Marvel comics takes me a while, as there is dialogue and story being developed. The modern stories are read in ten minutes or less, which isn’t much entertainment value for the dollars expended. I would’ve enjoyed seeing more of the tactics each character uses, or how they work together. I suppose this fight didn’t really depict the Sentinels in a battle that was difficult for them; they more than outclassed their foes. While I appreciate the standalone story because I don’t have to wait endlessly for the next installment, there weren’t too many hooks to draw me back. I’d like to see what threat emerges next, but that is about it.
    While most of this review comes off as I wanted more (which I did), I would like to praise the writer and artist for delivering a story that wasn’t overly sensual, provocative, or filled to the brim with angry women. Those are all cliches that a lot of comics have nowadays. That and killing people all the time (and then bringing them back) which gets tiresome. While some more depth would be appreciated (to allow for future developments of the evil master plan that might provide unexpected twists to the story), there really is only so much you can do in a single issue.
    The characters are new to me, and as such didn’t provide me with a “wanting more” feeling. With well-established characters, I’m left wondering, “How would Superman handle this situation?” The story didn’t leave me with those sorts of ponderings or of a desire to read more. I like the wholesomeness that this comic story premise offers, of the jumping in the middle and not having to wade through an origin story (again! so many movies do that that origin stories have gotten a bit tedious) and wait for the excitement to get up to where I want it at. I’m will to buy more installments when they’re ready.

  2. Eric Bennett (verified owner)

    Incredibly pleased with Roy’s initial sequential offering. He does a great job bringing you right into the mix of things, and the art by David Bednarsky is great.

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