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The Source #1

Myron Johnson

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 48

We are introduced to Lennox Aviles an informant who possesses the ability of superspeed who is being chased through Parabola City by two gangsters in hot pursuit. But the gangsters are having trouble killing Lennox because of his incredible speed. Unfortunately Lennox outruns the gangsters but leading them to collide with another car sending it sliding into a near by store where it explodes shortly after Lennox saves one the thugs in their wrecked car. Lennox then calls the police during the confusion, what other dangers wait for Lenny in Parabola City?

A super powered notorious informant once super hero fights crime by gathering information on the criminal underworld by working within it preventing further crimes and stealing money from the mafia destroying their way of life. But after an encounter with two female sibling thieves who also have incredible abilities rob him now with this information he must now watch out the mafia,cops(*occasionally*)and thugs and super powered criminals in Parabola City while trying to stay alive in the process.


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