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The Utopian #1

Pj Perez, Hernan Valencia

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 36

James Douglas has had enough of the hypocrisy and social oppression at Sagebrush High School. Calling himself “The Utopian,” James begins an anonymous campaign to bring change to his campus. But he faces opposition from the school principal and the athletic elite, as well as the inquisitive school newspaper editor. Collected from the first four chapters of the weekly webcomic series.

James Douglas is a high school senior with little to show for his 17 years and no clear future ahead. In this ongoing dramedy, James finds the only way change will happen is if he makes it happen. But what do his bizarre, recurring dreams portend?

The Utopian #1 TM and © Pj Perez. All rights reserved.


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