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Thunder Frog Charitable Anthology #3

Harrison Wood, Woody Arnold, Keenan Reed, Alex Poorman

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 134

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The first volume of the Thunder Frog Charitable Anthology was first printed in 2004 with the unique purpose of raising money for Children”s Hospital in Seattle. This hospital operates entirely off of Charitable Donations and 100% of the profits from this comic series are donated to the charity. The book is a labor of love produced by dozens of creators that freely donated their time & content to the cause. This is the full 134 page version of the Charitable Anthology. It contains 13 chapters contributed by a variety of comic creators and independent film makers (including a number of web celebrities). The chapters span several different genres from Sci Fi & Fantasy to Superheroes and Crime Drama. More importantly it showcases the work of some extremely talented artists, all of whom donated their work out of a shared goal to contribute to a very worthy cause. After over a year in development we are excited to finally be releasing this book. This preview edition of the Charitable Anthology contains the official sequel to the cult film The Gamers as well as content donated by the web series shows Gamer Chick and Voyage Trekkers. There are also original stories by Harrison Wood (Anu Nna Ki), Don Edwards (Ultrakyle) and Keenan Reed (Slop Monsters of Titan).

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