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Tnt Todd Archive

Standard Comics

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 12

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Reprint of TNT Todd’s two Golden Age appearances in costume. 12 pages.

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1 review for Tnt Todd Archive

  1. Michael Henry (verified owner)

    I’m a Centaur comics fan, so naturally, I liked this before I purchased it.

    The cover, by Mitch Ballard & Gerry Turnbull looks great. Nice artwork and worth the price of the comic alone.

    C.J. Jeffrey writes a one page introduction to TNT Todd that covers his backstory as an FBI agent and superhero. It also introduces TNT Todd to the Standard Universe.

    The rest of the work is two stories reprinted from Centaur’s Keen Detective Funnies issues 21 & 22 from digital scans from The stories reprinted are the only ones where T.N.T. Todd appeared as a superhero.

    The restoration on the pages are mind blowing. I have the original scans and they do have some damage. C.J. Jeffrey does an excellent job of repairs that makes this worth more that what I have paid. From a long term Centaur comics fan, thank you.

    The only complaint I have, as a Centaur fan, is that while not all scans of his FBI adventures are available, a few more to make this a bigger collection would have been very nice. Maybe they can do it and release it as a bigger collection later.

    Overall, while this may not appeal to the modern comic lover, for Centaur comics lovers and golden-age comic lovers, this is more than worth the $1.00 for the digital price and the $3.50 for the print.

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