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Tomb Of Bloke #1

Ju Gomez,¬†Jason ‘Bloke’ Crawley

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 28

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An Englishman moves to the US and soon after falls victim to an army of re-animated dead soldiers – the result of a top secret government experiment gone wrong.The undead rampage across the country,wiping out mankind and repopulating it with its re-animated undead counterparts.Now one of the undead, Bloke seeks revenge against those responsible for this mess and the death of his beloved wife – the human race..well,whats left of them! Comic also includes the first four pages of another Virus Comix online comic called The Horror. Tagline : There’;s only one thing worse than a zombie bite – and thats a zombie bite from a zombie with British teeth! Whereas most zombie tales tell of the humans surviving against the living dead TOB focuses on the lead character – a zombie named Bloke who is drawn to the likeness of British writer/letterer Jason Crawley.

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