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The Heavenly Castle Of Tycho Brahe

A poet, a visionary and a man of science in an age of miracles and charlatans, Tycho Brahe was the most famous astrologer of his time, but he is remembered today as a giant on whose shoulders stood the founders of astrophysics.

Kevin Cooney

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 98

The story of the rise and fall of Uraniborg, the “Heavenly Castle”, a renaissance palace on a small island off the coast of Denmark, designed by Tycho Brahe as a monument to Urania, the muse of Astronomy. Before rockets and satellites, before even the invention of telescopes, Tycho and his company of skywatchers, mathematicians, and mechanics laid the groundwork for a revolution in science by measuring the position of the stars and patiently recording the motion of the planets.

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